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Very nice app


Very nice app:)


Nice and fast lessons :) if you have 10 minutes in a day you can learn basics of language you choose

Good app

Very good app. You can learn in any pleace.

I dont really reccomend it

Honestly its not really good, i must say duoling is way better.

Wheres japanese?

I want to learn japanese. Its advertised in the app description but no such language on the actual list in the app. What the heck?

Great app

If you want to learn foreign language this is the bedt choice. Also without premium you have an acces to lots of dialogues and other stuff. Best app in App Store.


Better than expected!


Pleasent way to learn langyage

Cool app

Its nice to learn from it

Money, money

So many nice functions but most of them for VIP only :(

Not bad, but need improvements

Good at all for e.g. Polish. But for English LinguaLeo the best. Please add the ability to add words by myself, without exercises.

Shitty premium thing like most if the apps

Not fun

Its good for kids or begginers. I wanted other language but it was already set to English. Others are paid. And tests are only on vocab and all the others like grammar is already paid. So not cool.

Among the best language learning tools

Among the best, if not the best app on AppStore for language learning. I can only speak for the Spanish course, but it is fantastic. Why? Unlike f.ex. Duolingo, this app EXPLAINS everything about the grammar, teaches with many types of tests and motivates you by showing your level (A1 to B2). I really love the fact that the community can also check your grammar. Insanely awesome! Me gusta!


Friendly program. The learning with it is very nice : ) You can learn more than one language.


Please, add Arabic language to study. Thank u.


Ill be write on English. Because this app learn on English you. And I want to say Thanks developers who create it.

The best language app!!!!

The best language app!!!!


Im so happy to learn speaking English together with busuu !

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